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Our team

Gniewko Bodora project coordinator

Marek Wycisk main programmer, web developer

Sylwester Smigielski graphic designer, web designer

Bartosz Solich graphic designer, web designer

Piotr Laskosz graphic designer, web designer

Mateusz Pietrowiak web developer

Piotr Gąsiorek copywriter

A desire to create something tangible stems from our enthusiasm and passion. Combining the skills and experience we have established a multimedia agency whose main goals are customer satisfaction and professionalism.

Beauty, art and new technologies are our inspiration, so every day we look for new, better and more interesting solutions, thus attempting to fully satisfy our customers.

As technologies and trends of content presentation change rapidly, our young team make every effort to always be one step ahead.

We are specialists in programming, server administration, creating websites and web applications, 2D and 3D graphics, flash animation, advertising and marketing.

We have hardware facilities needed for hosting websites that enables us to use the latest technologies .

We also provide comprehensive advertising services, from design through to the choice of the medium which the ad will appear on, ending with its construction.